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Sub girl fun part 1 of 3

I love women to play with, they are so soft. I tend to think of them as equals to me, unlike men whom I treat as worthless. Girls just have an itch and I am the perfect person to scratch it. Take today's lovely sub, tied to my bed, legs hoist up for easy access, now lets have some fun. Plenty of lube in her pussy, don't want to jam my fist up there before she is nice and ready. Easing my fingers in 1,2,3,4,5 until my whole hand is lost in her now very wet cunt.
Enough of this now, I am getting rather worked up myself, I need to see how big an object she can take in her quim. Sub meet Colossus, Colossus meet subbies bladder. Now guys tend to freak out when first setting eyes on this 19 inch long, 9 inch circumference freak of a dildo but not this sub. Her eyes widen with delight, she raises her hips up on the stirrups to avail me better access to her now very red, very swollen pussy. She does not disappoint, taking this massive object almost all the way in.

  My tiny feet and their shoes
  I have a toy box, inside I keep my favorite rubber toys, yes they are human, that's what makes them so much fun! When I want to play I fetch them out and watch as they do stuff to each other, and of course I get to join in. All of that mouth and ass just waiting to be filled by cock either fake or real, it matters not, just as long as it gets filled.

Electric Gloves in action

This is a little film I did in session showing the wonderful electric gloves. With each touch of my live hands onto the subs cock and balls an excruciating shock wells through is genitals, leaving him helpless and in pain, but a very nice pain I am told.


My gimp ass fucks my Amazonian while I face fuck here.

Gimp has been summoned from the corner now to entertain me. I love watching him suffer by not being able to use his real dick, instead I make him fuck Raven with his dildo while I face fuck her with mine.

Tag team fucking, what a delightfully deviant I am.


Fucking my gorgeous TV Raven

Hi had the pleasure of having my dear friend Raven the renowned transvestite around to my hotel and she readily agreed to let me fuck that lovely hole. 

I must say having my gimp in the corner watching as I lifted her legs high above my head and stuffed a good 8" of latex cock up her ass did kinda give me a power surge. You could see the pre cum dripping out of gimps pathetic cocklet as I rammed harder and harder into Ravens willing hole. 



Subgirl sucking my strap-on and getting golden shower

It'snot often I humiliate girls, I really have no inclination to demean the superior sex but my lovely subgirl Paradise just loves getting pissed on. She loves the feel of warm Mistress pee all over her naked body.

So without further coaxing I strap on my famous pissing cock. It's hollow inside and has a "shewee" attached. So all I need to do is pee and it comes out the end of the cock, ingenious don't you think?


Strap-on and Fisting montage

Here is a collection of session videos done during the last few years. You wiill have to excuse the quality of some clips as you can imagine these were all done during real sessions, so the lighting would be low and sound on the quiet side.

Enjoy anyway.


Nurse Zena stuffing her patient

Open surgery today, and my first client is in need of fucking, but he didn't say how or by whom, so I take the lead and fuck his sorry arse myself.



Subgirl Sensory Deprivation

My plaything's back again. Oh how I love trying out new stuff on her. Today we are doing sensory depravation, with a twist of course.

She is stripped naked, secured to the inverter, blindfold, headphones, white noise filling her head.

Then she is turned upside down and out comes her favorite toy. At first she has no idea what's going to happen, but as soon as this bad boy touches her pussy she grins like a Cheshire cat and just relaxes as wave after wave of intense sexual joy washes through her body..


4 ft. Colon snake for my slave.

My anal slave brought his own toy with him today, a snake, a colon snake. All 4 ft. of it. He wanted to see if I could get all of it up his ass.

Well with plenty of lube, a lot of patience, and a little medication we got there.

Forgive the lower quality of the film but it was meant to be just a private video done for our amusement, but the achievement made it worth sharing.


Penis Pump and Robojac Torture pt. 2

Continuing with my torture of my critters cock with the penis pump. The more I pump the larger he gets, to the point he is so sore that although he has a huge cock, he wants me to release him.

So I release one thing, but then replace it with another. My favorite toy of all "ROBOJAC" a machine of such delightful possibilities. A little more pleasant, but painful all the same when he cums and I keep the Robojac running thus ruining his orgasm.


Penis Pump and Robojac Torture pt. 1

I have a new toy!!!

Watch me demonstrate it on my slave, cocooned tightly in his leather sleep sack. I tie his balls up and administer some good old fashioned CBT, just to get him ready for the main event mind.

Then it's on with the PENIS PUMP. Now this is a cool gadget, wonder why I didn't have one sooner. Maybe because I thought it was just for getting cocks big, something I'm not bothered about. Then I discovered if you pump it long and hard enough, the recipients dicklet not only gets huge, but it becomes extremely painful.

And there you have it, the magic words "painful". Music to my ears.


Fucking with my chastity slaves head part 2

Now that I have released his cock from it's cage he soon starts to grow, more in anticipation than anything else.

But I'm only just getting started. I stroke his cock while filling his sissy hole with mine, only to let go and play with the fake one he has attached to him.

Oh what fun, hearing his girly sighs of frustration.

After a good 15 minutes of fucking and stroking I can see his balls full of cum.

Should I drain him or put him back in his cage?


Fucking with my Chastity slaves head part 1

Nothing I like better than a little psychological head play.

And what better way to do it than to place my slave in chastity, cover his eyes, and make his head do all sorts of weird things to him.

Well as well as me doing weird stuff to him as well.

Shocking his tiny cock when he doesn't please me, making him suck my big fake dick, tease his sissy hole with my strap-on, making him listen as I lube up a cock and make squelching noises while wanking it off.

You get the picture.


Making you my sissy bitch.

I'm going to make you want my cock. I'm going to fill your head with thoughts of my big fat dick deep into your sissy ass. So much cock, so much of me, your head won't be able to stand it, you WILL want to come and see me.


Mistress Zena and Domina Liza Defiling the Maid

My good friend the delightful Domina Liza and I were discussing the films we had just made together. Her blasted maid Felicity was doing her best to get in our way with her incesant cleaning, and to make matters worse she kept knocking things over! Obviously her mind was not on her job. We taught her about gag reflex and how to use it while sucking a strap-on, and we taught her how to take a big cock up her ass, but the best lesson she learnt that day was not to disturb 2 of the countries top Dominas while they are busy!!


Spunk eating slave

My rubber boy is full of spunk, I have kept him in chastity for 2 weeks just for this moment. So making my slave lie on his back, rubber boy proceeds to unload a fucking shit lot of jizz all over the critters face while I scoop it into him mouth and make him swallow every last drop.

Fucking pervert, he was actually licking the cum off of my fingers to get all of it into his disgusting mouth.


Smothing my slave in tiny G String

Now we're getting fun.

I strip off my frilly panties down to the tiniest of G strings. My slave can almost taste me, fucking with his head by distracting him playing with his cock.

He can't enjoy this because he has has concentrate on not passing out.

But wait, I'm starting to feel rather sexy, his nose is pressed right up against my clit which is having a nice result. If I'm not careful I might cum before he does, and that just wouldn't do.


Smothering my slave in frilly panties


It's smother time!!!

And what better way to start the week than to torment my pathetic slave with the temptation that he is so close to his Mstresse's pussy but at the same time being subjected to breath control for my perverse pleasure.


Whipping my slave in the sunshine

Having already kicked the shit out of my pathetic slaves balls, it was time now for some serious whipping.

Starting out with the Tiger cane to the arse, leaving whets that will take some time to diminish.

Following on with the Single Tail, a sneaky little blighter that doesn't seem or sound as vicious as say a bull whip, but handled properly and with expert timing to get it to "snap" on contact with skin, she is a deadly implement that breaks skin and causes extreme pain with every lash.


Rubber bondage and robojac

Combining 3 of my favorite things, my love of being dressed in rubber, bondage, and my trusty Robojac milking machine

Trusty rubber slave is nicely restrained, so I tease him into getting an erection by allowing him to caress my rubber clad body, touching my bottom, my legs, even a slight, very slight touch of my latex covered breast. All this has his manhood straining for release.

So on with the fun, Robojac firmly attached to critters cock, up goes the power, and away we go. Sucking and sucking at his dick, my machine does not tire, it keeps going until I stop it. Just to add to my enjoyment I keep it going even when he has ejaculated into the tube, thus ruining his climax.


Slave tending my feet and getting a foot wank.

This is my friends licking slave. You may remember from a previous film. Well he did such a good job on my pussy that I gave him a treat.

I allowed him to suck my tiny toes and kiss my high arches, and when he had finished that I wrapped his cock in one of my stockings and allowed him to relieve himself all over my foot.

Say thank you Mistress.


Sub Sally tending my feet

Well what a day. 2 sessions in stiletto heels and my feet are killing me.

But I have the answer. "Calling sub Sally, calling sub Sally!!"

Disturbed from her duties of cleaning the Facility she enters and drops to her knees knowing what I require.

Those red lips around my tiny toes, able to fit all of my little foot into her mouth, wow, this girl is good.

So good in fact I am getting horny, I think I'll just let my buzzing friend relieve the tensions of the day.

You just carry on there girl, that's it, don't mind me.


Ballbusting in the sun.

Ahh the long summer days give me the horn. And what better way to relieve my tension than to kick the shit out of a slaves nuts.

So I ring my fav ballbusting sub @BallbustBoy and summon him over for some fun. Mine that is.

I make him spend some time in the coup with my chickens because I know he is kinda scared of them, especially when he's naked.

I then hoist him up to my petrified tree and start to have my fun.

Watch and see how I kick him so hard that he actually bites through a leather pony bit. Nicely done sub.


Sub Sally gets punished

I needed my maid to clean up the bedroom after a shoot. Wondering why she was so long about it I found that she had been rummaging through my drawers and was trying on my stuff!!!

Well I wasn't best pleased but had to admit that she looked kinda cute, so seeing that I was still wearing my strap-on decided to teach her a lesson and have me some fun at the same time.

After I had finished with her I think she will be more careful next time I get her to tidy the room.


Fucking my sissy bitch part 2

Bending her over the chair fucking her little slut hole in the middle of a deserted warehouse, how fucking horny is that .

As a treat to finish I get my magic wand to work on her sissy cock and make it spout all of it's contents onto the floor, then leave her there to suffer the after effects.


Fucking my Sissy Bitch part 1

I love playing with my bitch, seeing how big I can go with my strap-on. well today is the ultimate test, I have on my biggest cock, my bitch is tied to the banister, what more could a girl want.

Fist I warm her up with a good spanking and caning, just to grab her attention. Then it's on with the gloves, lube my bad boy up, and in we go.


Nurse Zena's tribute to Tarantino part 2

Now that I have him nicely loosened up with the electro catheter it's time for my kind of fun with the real thing.

It can be so much pleasure but again the way I use it turns out to be anything but, except for me of course


Nurse Zena's Tribute to Tarantino part 1

I always wanted to do this, and with the help of my patient I take him on a journey of pain and discovery.


Trample board with oil and bare feet.

Torturing and tantalizing my slave with my tiny feet. Teasing his pathetic cock massaging oil into it all the while giving him an eye full up my skirt, wearing no knickers usually gets his attention.

As his cock gets harder, I kick it more, training him to not get excited unless I tell him he can.

Complete control is the name of the game.


Subgirl plaything part 3

Introducing my plaything to Mr. Fucking machine. More often used on a critters arse, I though how interesting to see it in action up the pussy of my lovely subgirl.

With a little pixiland dust she was away with the fairies and in heaven, while I went about my day.

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